Dear Bob:


Shelley and I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate the work you did on our home. In particular, the sump pump with French drain are working like a charm and has provided us with a sense of confidence that no water will affect our home in a negative way.

We also appreciate the design and construction of the deck in the back yard.

The highest quality materials were used with expert craftsmanship. I remember watching Mo meticulously building the frame patiently taking care of every detail. Your design enabled us to use the backyard of our home where before it was unusable.

​The deck is solid and stable and has enabled our family to fully utilize the land on our property.
You and your crew stayed on top of things and we appreciated all your hard work.

​If you ever have a potential client that has any questions about you, please feel free to have them contact me personally. I will be more than glad to let them know that you guys can get the job done.

All the best,

Nate Brooks



“Cal Rebuilders absolutely nailed it! I told them what I wanted, told them how much I had to spend and they came back with a stunning proposal. Incredibly meticulous craftsmanship! I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Jim C.


" I can highly recommend Bob Root of California Rebuilders. He has done several projects for us and recently completed a major deck project and remodel on our house in Montclair. He has a very good eye and is willing to work with his clients to achieve their goal. Good luck on your project! 



California Rebuilders

To the person wanting a recommendation for a Design/Build Contractor for a kitchen remodel. Here you go: California Rebuilders (510)853-1800. Call Bob Root. He incorporates the time he spends on the design and planning into the total charge for the project rather than it being a separate charge which may help you budget more efficiently. He is very meticulous and very concerned about preserving the "envelope" of the house - especially if you want to keep moisture and mold out and retain energy efficiency. He is also a Certified Green Builder. 



“I’ve worked with Contractors before and always felt almost satisfied. With California Rebuilders, I was thrilled – the vaulted ceilings are gorgeous and majestic. The seismic work was performed with expertise and precision. The Crew of California Rebuilders were polite and responsible. I couldn’t be happier!”

Happy Client!